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About The Practice

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Mission Statement

The Blundellsands Surgery aims to meet the healthcare needs of patient, family and carer in a supportive environment - delivering effective care which includes the promotion of health through education, support and empowerment (guidance).  

The Practice will provide a supportive working environment where all staff are enabled to flourish and develop, allowing the Practice to respond positively to the Government health agenda.


The Blundellsands Surgery is part of the South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group.  It is a two Partner Training Practice situated on the Sefton coast in north west England supported by five salaried GPs. Our list size is now over 10,000 patients. 

The partners are committed full-time to the practice. Senior Partner - Dr N A Tong is deputy medical director revalidation for the Mersey Area Team. In this role he undertakes GP Appraisal and QOF Assessment on behalf of the Local Area Team. Dr Tong also carries out Clinical Governance for Mersey Area Team.  Dr C Gillespie has a special interest in Cardiology & Dr Robin Scott in respiratory disease.

We have been a training practice for over 20-years - Dr Tong, Dr Gillespie and Dr Scott are GP trainers. Trainers take a GP Registrar under their care for periods of usually one year to help them progress to being independent general practitioners. All the partners are supportive of the GP Registrar.

Practice Nursing is taken care of by two practice nurses who between them equal just over 1.5 time equivalent nurses. This nursing team is supported by three Health Care Assistants. The District Nursing Team associated with the practice presently provide care in the community for patients. Doctors, District Nurses and Practice Manager meet each Friday morning after morning surgery to discuss terminally ill patients under a Gold Standard in Cancer Care Standard.

We have a Practice Manager who has been with the practice since 2004 and in the role of practice manager since 2017. The Practice Manager is supported in the practice by a very capable Office Manager and a multi-skilled team of administrative and reception staff. To ensure that each doctor has access to personal administrative support, we operate a P.A. system with each clinician having a named member of staff to undertake this work.

As the practice became a "paperless" practice in January 2002 we now have almost instant access to patient information on a need to know basis throughout the team. All clinical staff record each consultation on to the patient's computerised records during the consultation. Information from secondary care (diagnostic test results, x-ray, clinical letters) is also stored electronically on individual patient computer records. Haematology and Microbiology results arrive at the practice electronically and are actioned by the patient's GP - actions are picked up on computer by a member of staff and dealt with accordingly. Clinical information received in paper format is scanned and work flowed to the appropriate clinician on arrival for attention and comment. The electronic document is automatically forwarded to administration where the content is read coded into patient records and forwarded to the doctor's personal assistant for further action if required.

Patients with chronic disease are able to access nurse lead clinics in Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, Epilepsy and Rheumatoid Arthritis - identified patients are called into their respective clinic by letter on a 6-month or annual basis as appropriate.

Clinical audits of patients with Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Epilepsy and Stroke have been undertaken during the last two years by Dr Tong. Dr Scott had undertaken an audit of COPD patients in the last 12 months. The Practice continues to re-visit the audit cycle in all areas of patient care in an endeavour to deliver the best possible level of patient care