Thursday, 23 December 2021

Blood Test tube shortage

There is currently a global shortage of some equipment used for taking blood tests, which is having a significant impact on the number of blood tests that we can do.

Anyone who needs a blood test for urgent health problems will still get one. However, where it’s safe to do so, we may ask you to attend for a test at a later date, or your appointment may be rescheduled.

If you are booked in for a blood test or are waiting for one, you may receive a text message or email cancelling the appointment. The GP practice is reviewing all patients who have a blood test booked to see if they are urgently required. If it is assessed to be urgent you will receive a new appointment. If you feel your blood test is urgent or you are not sure and want to talk to someone please contact the GP practice.

Given the nature of the shortage, we may not be able to give an exact date for when the test will be rescheduled, but please be assured that if your condition or symptoms require it, you will get a test. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused