Age Concern Befriending Service


What is the Befriending and Re-ablement Service?

The Befriending and Re-ablement Service is about giving you the opportunity to improve your confidence, increase your independence and reduce social isolation.

If you or someone you know are feeling vulnerable, lonely and isolated; a referral can be made to the service and you can be visited by one of our Befriending and Re-ablement Officers.

The service will focus on supporting you to maximise your independence and wellbeing.

We focus on areas which may need focus or improvement such as:

Who is eligible for the service?


Who can make a referral?

Referrals can be made via the following routes for example:




How long will I need to wait before I can access the service?


Where will I be seen?


Who will visit me?

 In the first instance a Befriending and Re-ablement officer will visit.  Following your review and depending on your goals, visits can take place in your own home or at a location to be agreed with the Befriending & Re-ablement Officer, for example they may accompany you to a community centre, an art class or another appointment.


What will the review be like?

We will use something called the Independent Living Star to help us review and focus on how we can best improve your situation. It is a series of simple questions that will enable us to work together, helping you to increase your independence, wellbeing and help prevention or lesson your social isolation.

You must be willing to work toward improvement in the tasks/goals you agree to undertake.


For your safety and security:

You will receive a telephone call from one of the team at the Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton office. A mutually convenient appointment time will be discussed, and this will be followed by a letter confirming your appointment details. The Befriending and Re-ablement Officer will be wearing a picture identification badge at all times, please ask to see this on your visits.  If you are unsure, please contact the office for confirmation.


How long is the service provided for? 


What practical support is on offer?

The Befriending and Re-ablement Officer will not complete tasks for you, they will work with you, helping you to achieve your goals.

This may include helping you to achieve a number of tasks including:


What support is not provided?


How confidential is the service?


How much does it cost?

The Befriending and Re-ablement Service is free of charge.


Cancellation of appointments and our procedures

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please ring the office on: Tel: 01704 542 993/0151 256 2544 well in advance (if possible) in order that we may contact your Befriending and Re-ablement Officer and / or volunteer Befriender and inform them of the cancellation.

If you have cancelled more than two appointments, we will have to place your case on hold and you will be advised when a Befriending and Re-ablement Officer will be available to take up your case again.


Important things to note:


Your feedback on the service:

You will be asked your views and experience of the service once you have completed the Befriending & Re-ablement programme. We would welcome your honest feedback.

Contact details:
Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton
Befriending & Re-ablement Team:
179 Townsend Lane
L13 1DY

Tel: 01704 542 993 / 0151 256 2544

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on

01704 542 993 / 0151 256 2544

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