Patient Participation Group

What is a PPG?

PPGs are intended to be a route for patients to work together with their GP practice, to advise and inform their Practice on what matters most to patients and to help identify solutions to problems and overall help the GP practice continue to improve. 

A PPG is open to every patient on the GP practice list. All communities, groups, genders, ages, ethnicities, and disabilities representing the patient list are encouraged to join. There are no other membership requirements except that patients must be registered with the practice.


What is the purpose of a PPG?

If you would like to get involved and share your ideas, we would be more than happy to welcome you!


You can join Blundellsands Surgery PPG by completing and returning the below form to the practice:

PPG application form


For further information about practice PPG's please click HERE

January 2024 meeting minutes

April 2024 meeting minutes